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Aerospace & Defense

Highly Reliable, Radiation Hardened Solutions

Satellites operating in space must endure extreme operating environments. Cypress Radiation Hardened memory products are QML-V certified; meeting the reliability and lifecycle demands of space applications. These SRAMs enhance overall system computing limits, while providing SWaP benefits and greater design flexibility.

Comprehensive Defense Portfolio

Cypress's defense portfolio offers a wide selection of memories, clocks, and programmable logic devices which enable designers to introduce flexibility while reducing system cost. Our nvSRAM products offer the high performance of traditional SRAMs while providing the added benefits of non-volatility.


Quality Delivered

Cypress Aerospace & Defense products adhere to the most stringent standards in the industry. Dedicated process flows allow these products to meet or exceed the QML-Q and QML-V certifications. Proprietary manufacturing processes ensure zero defect products with long lifecycles based on mature and reliable process technologies.



Cypress Customizable Solutions

- Die and Wafer Sales
- Extreme Environment Solutions
- Custom Screened Products
- Foundry Services

Reconfiguarable Computing Platform

Cypress Radiation Hardened QDR-II+ SRAM is used as a data buffer for reconfigurable computing and matches or exceeds the frequency requirements of space grade FPGAs. Utilizing the QDR-II+ will improve system performance by providing the industries highest operating frequency of 250 MHz and throughput of 36 Gbps.



Space Networking Applications

Cypress Radiation Hardened QDR-II+ SRAM provides the high bandwidth, low latency, complete random access, and high bus utilization that space networking applications demand. The QDR architecture has been optimized for terrestrial networking applications, and now it is available for operation is space.

Radiation Hardened Product Features Summary

Cypress radiation hardened SRAM products provide industry leading performance while adhering to the utmost standards for reliability. Cypress Radiation Hardened SRAM are equipped with numerous features that are engineered to satisfy the needs of today's space systems and beyond.

  RadStop™ QDR®-II+ SRAM RadStop™ FAST Async SRAM
Quad Data Rate (QDR) N/A
Radiation Resistance (TID, SEE)
QML-V & QML-Q Screening
Memory Controller N/A


Quad Data Rate (QDR)

The data ports on the radiation hardened QDR SRAM have double data rate (DDR) interfaces that perform two transfers per clock cycle. With two DDR data ports, the radiation hardened QDR SRAM performs four transfers per clock cycle.



Radiation Resistance (TID, SEE)


Radiation Type Description
Total Dose (TID) Radiation Resistance to permanent device damage caused by exposure to radiation (ions) over the life of the device. A trapped positive charge can result in field device turn-on. Cypress radiation hardened SRAMs can operate up to a total dose of 300 Krad.
Single Event Effects (SEE) Loss of data and possible physical device damage caused by the impact of radiation particle (heavy ions, protons, or neutrons) which may result in device latch-up where a high current state is observed.


QML-V & QML-Q Screening

QML certification is the highest standard of reliability for microcircuit devices issue by the United States government. This certification indicates that the device can be relied upon to function properly while being subjected to the harshest of conditions. Cypress radiation hardened SRAMs feature both the QML-V and QML-Q certifications.



Cypress offers the option of purchasing a datapack with all QML certified products. This datapack tabulates data gathered during the part certification process including radiation data, read and record electrical data, and tri-temperature test data. The datapack is offered in both hard and soft copy formats and is matched to individual part serial numbers.

Memory Controller

Memory controllers are available free of charge which allows the radiation hardened QDR-II+ SRAM to interface with FPGAs like Xilinx Virtex 5QV and the Microsemi RTAX-S. The Rad-Hard 72 Mb QDR-II+ SRAM controller manages the intricate timing details of DDR based source synchronous timing architecture. Cypress also provides Dual port controllers for simultaneous reads & writes and FIFO controllers for data storage and retrieval. Please contact for a copy of the RTL code and test bench.

Radiation Hardened SRAM Portfolio

Cypress radiation hardened SRAM products provide industry leading performance while adhering to the utmost standards for reliability. Cypress Radiation Hardened SRAM are equipped with numerous features that are engineered to satisfy the needs of today's space systems and beyond.


  RadStop™ FAST Async SRAM RadStop™ QDR®-II+ SRAM
Density (Mb) 4 72
Speed (MHz) /Access Time (ns) 12 ns 250 MHz
Configurations 256k x 16, 512k x 8 4M x 18, 2M x 36
Temperature Range (°C) -55 to 125 -55 to 125
Voltage Vcc = 3.3V VDD = 1.8V, VDDQ = 1.4V
Package 36 Pin Flat-Pack 165 Ball CCGA
QML Certification Q & V Q & V
Prototype Option Yes Yes
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Radiation Performance


  RadStop™ FAST Async SRAM RadStop™ QDR®-II+ SRAM
Total Dose (Krad) 300 300
SEL (MeV·cm2/mg) 120 120
SEU (Upsets/bit-day) 5e-8 1.34e-7
ECC Corection N/A RTL Code Provided
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Defense Memory and Clocks Products Portfolio

Defense nvSRAM

Cypress defense grade memory products portfolio consists of the world's most reliable nonvolatile memory. The SRAM provides unlimited read and write cycles, while independent nonvolatile data resides in the highly reliable QuantumTrap cell. These products are designed and tested to withstand military operating temperature ranges and come in the robust CERDIP and LCC packages.

  64 Kb Defense Parallel nvSRAM 256 Kb Defense Parallel nvSRAM
Density (Mb) 64 256
Access Time (ns) 35, 55 35, 45
Configurations 8k x 8 32k x 8
Temperature Range (°C) -55 to 125 -55 to 125
Data Retention 100 Years 100 Years
Max. Operating VCCQ (V) 5.5 5.5
Min. Operating VCCQ (V) 4.5 4.5
Package 28 Pin CERDIP, 28 Pad LCC 29 Pin CERDIP, 28 Pad LCC
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Defense Programmable Clocks


  Defense Programmable Skew Clock Buffer
Output Pair Skew (ps) <100
Output Frequency (MHz) 3.75 to 80.00
Input to Output Delay (ns) 0
Temperature Range (°C) -55 to 125
Duty Cycle Output 50%
Jitter (ps) < 200 peak-to-peak
Package 32 Pin PLLC, 32 Pad LLC


Commercial Memory and PSoC Solutions (COTS)



Cypress offers a complete range of high-density synchronous SRAM families, including QDR/DDR, I and II, No Bus Latency™ and standard pipelined and flow-through products. Cypress delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of 65-nm synchronous SRAMs with speeds up to 1066 MHz. Cypress is also a market leader in the Asynchronous SRAM space, and offers the broadest portfolio of Fast Asynchronous and Low-Power Asynchronous SRAM (MoBL™) devices. Cypress’s Multi-port and FIFO memory solutions offer the highest-performing interconnects in the industry.

  Synchronous Asynchronous FIFO Multi-Port
Density 2 Mb - 144 Mb 4 Kb - 32 Mb 2 Kb - 1 Mb 128 Kb - 36 Mb
Width x18, x36 x8, x16 x8, x16, x36 x8, x16, x36, 72
Max. Frequency 1066 MHz 10 ns 133 MHz 7 ns
Package Types FBGA, BGA,
Temperature Range Commercial, Industrial Commercial, Industrial, Military Commercial, Industrial Commercial, Industrial
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Cypress’s non-volatile SRAM (nvSRAM) integrates the company’s proprietary Quantum Trap™ nonvolatile elements into high-performance SRAM memory cells. The memory array is accessed the same way as conventional SRAM, supporting standard system designs while adding the ability to retain data when power is lost.

  Parallel Serial, I2C
Density 16 Kb - 16 Mb 64 Kb - 1 mb
Width x18, x16, x32 N/A
Cycle Time 20 - 45 ns 1 - 104 MHz
Packages Types TSOP, FBGA, SSOP,
Temperature Range Commercial, Industrial Commercial, Industrial, Military
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Programmable System on Chip (PSoC)


PSoC is a programmable embedded system on a chip integrating configurable analog and digital peripheral functions, memory, and a microcontroller on a single chip. With an extremely flexible visual embedded design methodology that includes preconfigured, user-defined peripherals and hierarchical schematic entry, you can change your mind as often as you want and stay on schedule. PSoC devices also integrate many peripheral functions, allowing reduced design costs and higher functionality.

  PSoC 1 PSoC 3 PSoC 4 PSoC 5LP
Processor 8-bit M8C 8051 ARM® Cortex M0 ARM® Cortex M3
Flash 3 KB - 32 KB 16 KB - 64 KB 32 Kb 64 KB - 256 KB
SRAM 256 B - 2 KB 2 KB - 8 KB 4 Kb 16 KB - 64 KB
EEPROM - 512 B - 2 KB - 512 B - 2 KB
ADC 6 - 14 bit ΔΣ 12 - 20 bit ΔΣ 12 bit ΔΣ 12 - 20 bit ΔΣ 2 x 2 bit SAR
DAC 6 - 8 bit 8 bit 7 - 12 bit 8 bit
UDB 16 24 4 24
I/Os 64 72 36 72
Temperature Range Commercial, Industrial, Automotive Commercial, Industrial, Automotive Commercial, Industrial      Commercial, Industrial, Automotive
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