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Introduction to USB 3.0 Peripheral Design | Cypress Semiconductor

Introduction to USB 3.0 Peripheral Design


SuperSpeed USB is becoming a required feature for many applications and Cypress is leading the way with the broadest USB 3.0 portfolio to help you bring your SuperSpeed USB products to the market quicker.

In this seminar, you will be trained on Cypress’s USB 3.0 portfolio, including FX3 – a general-purpose USB 3.0 peripheral controller, CX3 – a MIPI CSI-2 to USB 3.0 camera controller, and HX3 – a USB 3.0 hub controller. You will also become familiar with FX3’s hardware kits, software tools and firmware examples with a series of hands-on labs, which allows you to easily add USB 3.0 connectivity to any device.

USB Type-C is the new USB-IF standard that solves several challenges faced by today's Type-A and Type-B cables and connectors. USB Type-C is slimmer (measuring only 2.4-mm in height), reversible, handles multiple-protocols (USB 3.1 – 10Gbps, DisplayPort, PCIe or Thunderbolt) and supports up to 100-W of Power Delivery.

Get introduced to Cypress’s portfolio of Type-C controllers with Power Delivery – EZ-PD™ CCG1 and EZ-PD CCG2.

Workshop Objectives:


By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand Cypress’s single-chip USB 3.0 Peripheral Controller solution: EZ-USB® FX3™
  • Understand the architecture of the FX3 controller
  • Know how to use Cypress’s USB 3.0 solution and Integrated Design Environment (IDE) to set up:
    • Interfaces such as GPIOs, a UART and an I2C used for debug and control signals
    • GPIF™ II to connect EZ-USB FX3 to any system
    • DMA Channels to maximize USB 3.0 Throughput

Workshop Agenda:

  • 15 mins Set Up and Install Software
  • 05 mins USB Technology Terms
  • 10 mins Demo: The FX3 SDK (Part 1)
  • 15 mins Lab 0: Test PC USB Throughput With FX3
  • 15 mins Demo: The FX3 SDK (Part 2)
  • 20 mins Lab 1: Program FX3 Over USB
  • 40 mins Lab 2: Measuring Reaction Time (Part 1)
  • 10 mins Session Break
  • 60 mins Lab 3: Measuring Reaction Time (Part 2)
  • 60 mins Lunch
  • 20 mins Demo: The FX3 SDK (Part 3)
  • 90 mins Lab 4: Create A Logic Analyzer
  • 15 mins FX3 Applications
  • 15 mins CX3 and HX3 Introduction
  • 30 mins Intro to Type-C and PD - CCG1 and CCG2





A Windows laptop with two free USB 3.0 ports will be required to complete the labs. The software required for this workshop can be found here. Please download this software prior to the workshop. This is a free workshop and Cypress will provide the kits, accessory boards and design guides for the lab sessions. 

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