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Introduction to CapSense Solutions | Cypress Semiconductor

Introduction to CapSense Solutions

CapSense is Cypress’s solution for quickly and easily replacing mechanical buttons with sleek and reliable capacitive-sensing user interfaces. The CapSense MBR3 family is the world’s easiest capacitive-sensing solution allowing you the design with the click of a mouse using the EZ-Click™ software tool. In this half-day hands-on workshop, you will learn how to implement robust water tolerant capacitive buttons and proximity sensors using the CapSense MBR3 Kit.

Workshop Objectives:

Learn about Cypress’s CapSense - the industry’s No.1 capacitive touch-sensing solution

Learn how to implement water-tolerant capacitive buttons and proximity sensors with reliable performance and high SNR

Workshop Agenda:

  • [30min] Setup & Install
  • [30min] Today’s Engineering Challenges
  • [30min] Introduction to CapSense
  • [60min] Hands-On Lab Exercises: Buttons, Proximity Sensors
  • [60min] Hands-On Lab Exercises: Water Tolerance, Flanking Sensor Suppression

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