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Cypress Semiconductor

University Alliance

Welcome to the Cypress University Alliance Program (CUA). Join the community of universities across the world using Cypress systems in teaching and research programs. Today, the Cypress University Alliance Program includes no charge access to our full suite of software tools as well as low cost hardware development boards for research, graduate and undergraduate teaching.

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University Educator
University Educators have the responsibility of preparing the future workforce and conducting research to advance technology. The Cypress University Alliance Program not only gives easy access to Cypress Semiconductor Corp. tools but also provides free training, high-quality technical support and curriculum development assistance.


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Academic institutions utilizing the tools and resources provided by the Cypress University Alliance Program in the classroom and in graduate-level research programs allow their engineering students to receive hands-on experience with Cypress's industry-leading technology. This enables them to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to be quickly productive in the fast-paced world of electrical engineering and computer science as well as other engineering disciplines.

Software and Hardware Development Systems

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Cypress's full complement of commercial software tools are readily available at a discount to universities. In addition, we offer a range of powerful hardware development platforms that may be used to enhance the learning and research experience with practical implementation knowledge.