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FM3 Family Wireless Solution | Cypress Semiconductor

FM3 Family Wireless Solution


In recent years, wireless communications are chosen to perform the sensor data collection etc. in the place where cable communications are difficult. Furthermore, there is demand which is energy-saving control for homes, such as wireless which does not need wiring work as transmission media in HEMS. This application example is performing control for wireless communication and the sensor and transmitting data to PC, using "MB9BF506A" which is the 32-bit MCU of FM3 family. Cypress offers the solution which collects the sensor data by wireless communication.

System Diagram



Use FM3 family "MB9BF506A" for collecting sensor data by wireless communication.
[Host Device]

  • Host device receives sensor data from the slave device by wireless communication.
  • Host device sends sensor data received from the slave device to RS232C interface.

[Slave Device]

  • Slave device gets data from the sensor.
  • Slave device sends sensor data to host device by wireless communication.

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Hardware information and document are provided for collecting sensor data by wireless communication control by FM3 family "MB9BF506A".
You can download compressed files including tools below.

  • Circuit schematic
  • Application note
  • User manual