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FM3 family inverter solution | Cypress Semiconductor

FM3 family inverter solution


Almost all white goods, like air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and so on, are using "inverter control" to achieve energy saving requirements in the WW market. This page shows the "inverter solution with MB9BF506A" that controls a compressor of air-conditioner outer unit.

System Diagram



Use FM3 family "MB9BF506A" for inverter control.

  • Inverter control by 180-degree energization
  • PFC (PowerFactorCorrection) control
  • Easy parameter setting, waveform observation through the use of GUI on PC

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Hardware information, sample programs and document are provided for inverter control by FM3 family "MB9BF506A".
You can download compressed files including tools below.

  • Reference hardware info (circuit schematic example)
  • Sample software (for MB9BF506A: supported tool EAR EWARM)
  • GUI for evaluation (run on WinXP, Win7)
  • A set of document