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FM3 family Functional Safety solution | Cypress Semiconductor

FM3 family Functional Safety solution

Update notice (November 19, 2012)

  • Update Download(Self-Test Library)(Ver.1.5)
       - CPU register test
       - AD test


In recent years, high level safety is required for white goods and IEC60730 was settled as standards to ensure functional safety. AnnexH of IEC60730 classifies embedded micro controller EUC (Equipment under Control) into ClassA, ClassB, and ClassC depending on the required safety level. According to the classification, almost all white goods are classified as ClassB. FSL supports customers to acquire ClassB certification by offering Self-Test Library that contains microcontroller self-test functions, which are necessary for ClassB.

Self-Test Library Diagram



Self-Test Library includes the following tests to confirm that internal circuit of FM3 family "MB9BF506A" works correctly.
These tests are defined in IEC60730 ClassB.

  • Test of Program counter
  • Test of CPU Registers
  • Test of Clocks
  • Test of ROM/RAM
  • Test of External I/Os
  • Test of Interrupts
  • Test of A/D Converter

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FSL offers the Self-Test Library defined in IEC60730 ClassB to ensure the functional safety of systems which use FM3 family "MB9BF506A".
You can download a compressed file containing the followings.

  • Self-Test Library(for MB9BF506A: supported tool KEIL µVISION and IAR EWARM)
  • A set of document

Update notice (November 19, 2012)

  • Updated CPU register test / AD test(Ver.1.5)