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Hands-On Training Workshop: PSoC 4 M-Series + MBR – Mechanical Button Replacement | Cypress Semiconductor

Hands-On Training Workshop: PSoC 4 M-Series + MBR – Mechanical Button Replacement

Last Updated:

October 05, 2015

Workshop Objectives:


PSoC® 4 M-Series is an ARM® Cortex®-M0 PSoC 4 that integrates programmable analog front ends, programmable digital peripherals and CapSense® technology for touch-sensing and includes advanced peripherals like RTC, DMA and CAN.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the PSoC 4 Programmable System-on-Chip architecture
  • Learn how to use Cypress’s solutions and integrated development environment (IDE) to implement:
    • - Digital designs with PSoC 4
    • - CapSense touch-sensing user interface designs with PSoC 4
    • - One-chip, sensor-based system designs with PSoC 4

CapSense® MBR3 Mechanical Button Replacement CapSense MBR3 combines the best of CapSense features including SmartSense™ auto-tuning, robust water tolerance, and best-in-class proximity sensing while delivering reliable performance under all conditions. Easiest-to-Design

  • CapSense MBR3 requires no firmware development
  • EZ-Click GUI-based software tool configures devices without the need to write any code

By the end of the CapSense Solutions workshop, you will learn:

  • Why Cypress’s CapSense is the industry’s No. 1 capacitive touch-sensing solution
  • About Cypress’s broad CapSense portfolio
  • How to use CapSense to:
    • - Replace mechanical buttons and sliders
    • - Implement liquid-tolerant capacitive buttons
    • - Implement proximity sensing

PSoC 4 M-Series Morning Workshop Agenda:

Time Topic
8:30am Setup and Install Software
9:00am PSoC Terms
9:10am Demo #1: PSoC Creator™ Overview
9:25am Lab #1: PSoC 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit Overview and Blinking LED
9:55am PSoC 4 Architecture
10:15am Dome #2: Micrium µC/Probe Overview
10:25am Session Break
10:35am Lab #2: Digital System Design
11:05am Lab #3: CapSense Touch-Sensing Design
  Lab #4: Sensor-Based System Design
12:00pm Lunch

MBR – Mechanical Button Replacement Afternoon Workshop Agenda:

Time Topic
12:30pm CapSense Technology Terms
12:45pm Today's Design Problems
12:50pm Cypress's CapSense Solution
1:00pm CapSense MBR3
1:05pm Lab1: CapSense Button Design
1:20pm Proximity Sensing
1:30pm Lab 2: Proximity Sensor Design
1:45pm Session Break
2:00pm Water Tolerance
2:10pm Flanking Sensor Suppression
2:20pm Lab 3: Two-Button Design with Flanking Sensor
2:35pm High-Cp Design Problems
2:45pm Lab 4: CapSense Performance
3:00pm Example CapSense MBR Application
3:10pm References and Resources
3:20pm Wrap-up / End of Workshop / Questions

Required Hardware / Software (preinstall before the Workshops):

  • Micrium µC/Probe 3.5
  • Windows laptop with at least 2 USB Ports
  • Please bring your laptop, it is required for the training


PSoC-4M Series DVK for the morning session
MBR3 DVK for the afternoon session

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