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WirelessUSB™ LP Reference Design Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

WirelessUSB™ LP Reference Design Kit

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March 08, 2011

Cypress introduced the WirelessUSB™ LP Reference Design Kit (RDK) to simplify development of wireless mice and keyboards. The CY4636 RDK provides designers with implementations of Cypress's low-power WirelessUSB LP 2.4-GHz radio system-on-chip in a mouse, keyboard and bridge system. The kit, which includes the WirelessUSB protocol for best-in-class interference immunity, can also be used for development of additional Human Interface Devices (HIDs) such as presenter tools, remote controls, and PC game pads.

The WirelessUSB LP RDK includes a compact wireless mouse, a feature-rich wireless keyboard, and a small form-factor bridge, each enabled utilizing Cypress's enCoRe™ II family of flash MCUs. To further streamline the development process, it also offers kit documentation, hardware schematics, bill of materials, development tools, and flexible firmware for adding customized features. Manufacturers can easily copy the reference designs exactly, and only need to add enclosures to produce ready-to-ship devices. The designs do not require any special USB drivers.

Download a high-resolution jpeg image of the CY4636 RDK at the link below.