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TrueTouch® TMA568 Touchscreen Controller Photo | Cypress Semiconductor

TrueTouch® TMA568 Touchscreen Controller Photo

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October 07, 2013

Cypress's TrueTouch® TMA568 touchscreen controller brings the industry-leading noise-immunity of the Gen5 family to superphones, smartphones, tablets and e-readers. The controller supports writing and drawing with a 2.0-mm-tip passive stylus, enabling touchscreens to capture characters as small as 7 mm. This capability is important for writing in languages that require enhanced character recognition for reliable text input, such as Chinese and Japanese. The controller also adds a palm rejection feature to the Gen5 family that recognizes a user’s palm touching the screen and prevents unintended touch inputs.

Click the file below to download a high-resolution image of the TMA568 controller.