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Photo of Midea TW025LC7-BR Microwave with Cypress CapSense� Controls | Cypress Semiconductor

Photo of Midea TW025LC7-BR Microwave with Cypress CapSense� Controls

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August 14, 2009

Cypress's PSoC®-based CapSense® capacitive touch-sensing solution powers the controls of the new TW025LC7-BR microwave oven from Midea, a leading home appliance manufacturer in China. The CapSense solution delivers reliable operation for 13 buttons and one slider, employing the industry’s most robust RF noise-immunity and a specialized, adaptive algorithm to filter noise from disruptive microwave radiation. CapSense’s flexible programmable system-on-chip architecture enabled Midea’s designers to implement LED control and I2C communication with the same CapSense device - a capability called CapSense Plus™.

Midea’s TW025LC7-BR microwave also functions as a barbeque and steam-cooker. The appliance’s steam-cooking method minimizes the loss of nutrients. The microwave is easy-to-clean, energy efficient and durable, leveraging the proven water-resistance of CapSense controls. The touch-sensing controls also add to the appliance’s smart looks and efficient operation.

Click the download link below for a high resolution photo of the Midea TW025LC7-BR microwave.