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Future Electronics PSoC 3 Development Board photos | Cypress Semiconductor

Future Electronics PSoC 3 Development Board photos

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July 12, 2010

Cypress Semiconductor and Future Electronics have jointly developed the Future Electronics PSoC® 3 Development Board to demonstrate the ease-of-use of Cypress’s new PSoC 3 architecture. The board shows how developers can leverage the flexible architecture and the revolutionary PSoC Creator™ Integrated Development Environment to streamline designs.

The two Expansion Board Kit connectors on the board enable it to work with a growing ecosystem of solution-based expansion kits that Cypress is developing, including segment LCD, CAN and more. Future will also be developing an expansion board for the new Sharp Pixel in Memory LCD with power consumption 130 times lower than standard LCDs of comparable size.  More information on the Future PSoC 3 board is available at

Click the download links below for photos of the Future Electronics PSoC 3 Development Board.