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The FullFlex(TM) Family of Dual-Port Interconnects | Cypress Semiconductor

The FullFlex(TM) Family of Dual-Port Interconnects

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February 27, 2009

Cypress is proud to present the revolutionary new FullFlex(TM) dual-port interconnect family. The FullFlex family represents the latest in Cypress's continuing commitment to the high performance interconnect market space, and it boasts a wide array of distinguishing features designed to allow customers to have the highest performance and quickest speed to market. The FullFlex interconnects are a perfect fit in applications ranging from wireless infrastructure to video imaging, and can be used both as a high performance interconnect or as a high speed, read/write independent single processor companion memory. Whether it is the 36Gbps raw bandwidth, features such as DDR and Variable Impedance Matching, or the cutting-edge 90nm technology, FullFlex interconnects are here and ready to bring an unprecedented level of flexibility and functionality to your design!