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First Touch Kit Photo

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February 27, 2009

The PSoC® FirstTouch™ Starter Kit is a USB thumbdrive kit that provides a quick, easy, and affordable way for embedded customers to evaluate the integration, flexibility, and real mixed-signal programmability of PSoC mixed-signal arrays. Without writing or debugging a single line of C or Assembly code, the PSoC FirstTouch Starter Kit, working with Cypress's PSoC Express™ visual embedded system design tool, provides designers with CapSense touch, temperature, light and CapSense proximity sensing right out of the box.  Customers can also experiment with many more designs available or build their own in minutes via PSoC Express.  They can also add all of this functionality directly to their own development systems via the detachable expansion card.

 The PSoC FirstTouch Starter Kit includes two small boards -- a main system board that interfaces with a computer over USB, and a detachable multifunction expansion card. The expansion card includes inputs and outputs for the many applications supported by the kit. No other thumbdrive kit offers such an extensive array of applications.