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EZ-Color™ Family of HB LED Controllers photo | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-Color™ Family of HB LED Controllers photo

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March 26, 2010

Cypress's new EZ-Color™ family of high-brightness (HB) LED controllers for intelligent lighting systems offers unprecedented ease-of-use and performance. The controllers are supported by PSoC Express™, the industry's first embedded visual design tool. For the first time, engineers can simply input the selected LEDs, choose a color, and the combination of the unique EZ-Color architecture and PSoC Express software delivers a complete design solution for growing applications such as architectural lighting, general signage, rechargeable flashlights, entertainment lighting, emergency vehicle lighting and more.

Today, LED design requires a complex set of calculations to deliver consistent color. The two biggest problems that HB LED engineers face today are having to account for differing LED performance specifications based on manufacturing bins and the LEDs' degradation (such as output flux, wavelength etc.) over different temperatures. With PSoC Express, designers simply select a color from a gamut presented on-screen. Pre-loaded manufacturers' bin specifications and temperature feedback algorithms are automatically applied to the selected design and programmed into the EZ-Color Controller. This can save anywhere from weeks to months of design time for a complex design.

For a high-resolution image of an EZ-Color™ HB LED controller, click "Download" above.