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CyClockWizard Software Tool photo | Cypress Semiconductor

CyClockWizard Software Tool photo

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April 12, 2010

The CyClockWizard software tool streamlines selection and customization of Cypress’s market-leading programmable timing solutions. The software includes a parametric search engine that allows customers to quickly identify the right product for their system needs. The free tool also integrates custom configuration and field programming of supported Cypress timing solutions.

The CyClockWizard tool features an intuitive user interface for custom configuration of timing devices. Customers can directly program devices instantaneously using the CYCLKMAKER1 Hardware Programmer. Additionally, for Cypress’s FleXO™ family of programmable high-performance clock generators, the tool incorporates a calculation engine that enables customers to predict and optimize phase-noise performance. For more information or to download the CyClockWizard tool, visit

Click the download link below for a high-resolution screen capture of the software.