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CY8CKIT-006 and CY8CKIT-029 LCD Segment Drive kit photos | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-006 and CY8CKIT-029 LCD Segment Drive kit photos

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November 18, 2009

Cypress's CY8CKIT-006 PSoC® 3 LCD Segment Drive Evaluation Kit and CY8CKIT-029 PSoC LCD Segment Drive Expansion Board Kit show the ease-of-use, fast development time and flexibility of the PSoC 3 architecture for LCD segment drive applications.  The kits demonstrate how a single PSoC 3 device can drive up to 736 LCD segments, more than any microcontroller-based solution. With the kits, designers can leverage the drag-and-drop LCD Drive component in the PSoC Creator™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to quickly and easily design products with an LCD screen for the consumer electronics, handheld, medical, industrial, white goods, automotive and other markets.

Currently, design of LCD segments requires hundreds of lines of complex code to define a screen’s segment intersections. The set-up wizard in the PSoC Creator IDE now enables designers to visually map these intersections in an intuitive drag-and-drop style. The tool then provides the power to manually configure LCD pin locations or automatically routes all on-chip signals and can even direct I/O to the optimum pins if desired. The PSoC Creator IDE also provides all of the APIs required to write to the LCD screen instead of requiring designers to create them. The complete PSoC 3 platform significantly cuts development time for LCD applications.

Click the download links below for a high-resolution photo of each of the kits.