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CY3209 ExpressEVK photo | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3209 ExpressEVK photo

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February 27, 2009

Cypress's new CY3209 ExpressEVK evaluation kit includes four different PSoC® mixed-signal arrays and gives designers an easy to use platform to try a multitude of designs. The CY3209 ExpressEVK includes four sections, each of which contains a separate PSoC device. The sections can all be networked together easily via I2C interfaces to test numerous combinations of functions using the PSoC Express™ visual embedded design tool. The new kit offers hardware, software and design examples to help designers implement a variety of functions, including:

• PSoC CapSense™ capacitive touch interfaces
• Wireless communication
• "Drag and drop" USB programming
• LCD and LED control
• Accelerometer, tilt or drop sensing
• Voltage monitoring.

Details of the kit are at and it is available for purchase on the "Online Store" at and through authorized distributor partners.  Click the download link above for a high-resolution photo of the kit.