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CY25400 4-PLL Timing Device Photo | Cypress Semiconductor

CY25400 4-PLL Timing Device Photo

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February 27, 2009

The new CY25400 is the latest member of Cypress's PREMIS™ (Peak Reducing EMI Solutions) family of spread-spectrum timing solutions. It is the industry's first 4-PLL (phase-locked loop) timing device with two spread-spectrum PLLs to reduce electro-magnetic emissions (EMI). The CY25400 saves cost by eliminating shielding, ferrite beads and chokes often used to address EMI issues.

The flexible device also offers two-wire I2C programming that allows manufacturers to dynamically adjust EMI reduction variables for real-time determination of optimum system configuration.  The CY25400 meets critical timing performance, voltage and power requirements for digital entertainment systems, handheld applications and consumer electronics systems, including multifunction printers, scanners, HDTV, STB, DVD-R, hard disk drives, handsets and portable games. Cypress offers the new device in 24-pin QFN package (4x4 mm), 16-pin QFN package (3x3 mm) and 8-pin SOIC package. The QFN package not only saves board space but also offers improved jitter performance.

For a high-resolution image of the CY25400, click the "Download" link above.