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Introducing QDR-IV

Cypress, the worldwide leader in SRAM, now offers QDR-IV, the newest and highest performing member of the consortium-defined QDR® product line. Cypress QDR-IV SRAM provides random transaction performance that is orders of magnitude greater than commodity memories and 2.4x greater than the previous generation of QDR. QDR-IV brings a number of new features to the QDR product line, including on-chip ECC and bidirectional data ports. The QDR-IV family includes two members: QDR-IV Xtreme Performance (XP) and QDR-IV High Performance (HP).

Cypress QDR-IV is the highest performing standardized networking memory, and is ideally suited for next generation networking, communication, and high performance computing systems.

Random Transaction Rate (RTR)

Random Transaction Rate (RTR) is the number of fully random read or write transactions a memory can perform every second. It is measured in MT/s, or mega transactions per second. RTR is a critical metric in high performance applications, such as networking, where memory access is unpredictable.

  • "Introducing QDR-IV"