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PSoC® 4

PSoC® 4 is Cypress's newest ARM-based PSoC, featuring the low-power Cortex-M0 core combined with PSoC's unique programmable mixed-signal hardware IP, resulting in the industry's most flexible and scalable low-power mixed-signal architecture. Use PSoC 4 with PSoC Creator™ to create unique designs, shorten development schedules, and accelerate your time-to-market.

PSoC® 4 Highlights

  • ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU up to 48MHz
  • Up to 32 kB Flash, 4 kB SRAM
  • Programmable Analog: Op-Amps, 12-bit 1Msps SAR ADC
  • Programmable Digital: Four PLD-based Logic Blocks
  • CapSense® Touch Sensing
  • Low Power 1.71 to 5.5V Operation
  • 150nA Hibernate Mode, 20nA Stop Mode

PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit – Order Now for $25

  • Most Reconfigurable ARM Cortex-M0

    Build your own custom mixed-signal system-on-chip with programmable analog and digital blocks combined with flexible routing and interconnects. Redesign and rebuild your project as your rapidly changing requirements dictate. Our extended partnership with ARM enables you to future-proof your solutions based on standard MCU subsystems, made feature-rich with unique PSoC programmability.

  • Truly Scalable Architecture

    Replace your entire portfolio of proprietary MCU-based solutions. Migrate your existing 8- and 16-bit designs to a single 32-bit platform that is fully scalable and infinitely reconfigurable by combining the flexibility of PSoC with the broad ecosystem of ARM. Find the perfect fit for each of your solutions and seamlessly migrate designs across device families within the architecture, without re-creating IP or learning new design tools.

  • Limitless Possibilities

    With a vast catalog of pre-characterized, production-ready PSoC Components to choose from, PSoC Creator makes embedded design as easy as child's play. Enable the industry's next CapSense standard, or integrate intelligent analog into your solutions using powerful graphical design tools and regression-tested application programming interfaces.

PSoC 4 Development Kits:

PSoC 4000 Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-040) new!

PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042)

PSoC 4200 Processor Module Kit (CY8CKIT-038)

PSoC 4 CY8CKit-049 Prototyping Kits - new!

PSoC 4 Collateral:

PSoC 4 Architecture Brief
Press Release
PSoC 4 Datasheets

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