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Wafer & Bare Die NOR Flash Memory Solutions | Cypress Semiconductor

Wafer & Bare Die NOR Flash Memory Solutions

Cypress is the ideal source for high performance and reliable bare die products for custom system-in-package (SIP) or multi-chip package (MCP) solutions requiring flash memory. Applications such as portable consumer electronics and mobile phones often require small form-factors. Designers achieve this reduced printed circuit board size by combining multiple functions of electronic systems into a single vertically stacked multi-chip package. Some other applications, such as automotive products, need to sustain extreme hot and cold temperatures for extended periods of ten years or longer. Cypress automotive under-the-hood bare die products can sustain operating temperatures as high as 150°C.

Despite the benefit at the end applications, these complex package techniques are often challenging in terms of fabrication, yield and end product reliability. Having high-quality die products and working with experienced bare die suppliers are essential for the success of SIP and MCP design and manufacturing. Cypress wafer and bare die products enable SIPs and MCPs to meet these tough standards.

Leveraging from its extensive experience from providing Known Good Die (KGD) products to the most demanding application segments, such as automotive and defense, Cypress is now introducing an expanded wafer and bare die business to the general market. Cypress's KGD products adhere to the rigorous EIAJ EDR-4703 standard. KGD and wafer products are submitted to extensive inspections for visual and mechanical defects and wafer level testing, including additional high temperature screening on quality and reliability defects to ensure bare die products offer the same level of performance and reliability as packaged parts. As a result, our customers benefit from reduced SIP manufacturing yield loss and decreased flash memory related product reliability issues.

Cypress is now shipping die products in either surf tape for production, or waffle pack for samples. Wafer products are shipped in wafer jars. For your convenience, Cypress can also provide wafer backgrind services on either SIP or MCP assembly processes. Cypress offers five standard thicknesses for bare die products: 785um, 725um, 500um, 280um and 200um. Custom die thickness can be developed with non-recurring engineering fees.