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Standard Performance Clock Generators | Cypress Semiconductor

Standard Performance Clock Generators

Cypress has a broad portfolio of standard performance clock generators with frequency support of 200 MHz and Cycle to Cycle jitter of 100 ps. They support a host of value-added features such as VCXO, Spread Spectrum and Output Phase Alignment

Cypress portfolio of Standard Performance Clock Generators includes -

  • Application Specific Clocks
  • EMI Reduction Clocks
  • Programmable Clocks
  • Programmable XOs
  • VCXO Clocks


Application Specific Clocks

Cypress's application-specific clocks are optimized for the special requirements of their target system applications. They include:

  • Direct Rambus® Clock Generator: Cypress provides XDR Clock Generator (XCG) for Rambus Extreme Data Rate (XDR) clocking – Up to 800  MHz. Cypress XCG enables Rambus XDR to provide 6.4Gbps peak bandwidth Ideal for graphics processing, consumer electronics, server applications.
  • PCI Express Clock Generator: Cypress offers Clock source for PCI Express SERDES / Interface  with 100MHz differential signaling (HCSL). These devices incorporate Lexmark Spread Spectrum profile for maximum electromagnetic interference (EMI) reduction. Commercial & Industrial grade parts are available for each device.

Currently we have 2 devices(CY24292 & CY24293) in production in our PCIe 1.0 family. The CY2XL11 supports PCIe 2.0 in LVDS standard shown in our FleXO family.


EMI Reduction Clocks

Cypress offers clock generators with programmable spread spectrum to optimize EMI reduction. By using a Cypress spread spectrum clock, you never need to worry about potential EMI test failures or changing your design. Cypress even has a spread spectrum clock in a standard crystal oscillator ceramic package which can be used as a drop-in spread spectrum replacement for any crystal oscillator.


  •  Multi Function Printers, Scanners, Copiers
  •  Flat Panel Displays
  •  Car Navigation Systems
  •  Set Top Box, Automotive Audio, Medical Devices


Programmable Clocks

Cypress offers multi-output clock generators which can produce all of the system's frequencies using a single 1st order low-cost crystal or reference clock as an input. Each individual output frequency can be programmed in the field using a Cypress clock programming kit, so you do not need to wait to get a clock with a custom configuration. Since MultiClock integrates multiple clock sources into a single timing device, you can significantly reduce your BOM.


  • HDTV, STB,DVD-R, Key Boards, HD Radios, Music Systems, Monitors, Handsets
  • Routers, Switches, Servers, Base Stations


Programmable XOs

Cypress offers Programmable Crystal Oscillators that are a cost-effective programmable clock generator which can take a reference or crystal input and can generate an output frequency. The devices can also be programmed in the field using a clock programming kit, so samples can be instantly customized.


  • Set Top Box, LCD HDTV, Multi Function Printer, Automotive Audio, Medical Devices
  • Data Terminals, Barcode Readers, Network switch, controller, optical systems, MP3, Digital Still Camera, Space HDD


VCXO Clocks

Cypress offers both digital & analog VCXOs used for frequency tuning based on input control voltage.


  • HDTV, STB,DVD-R (Digital Entertainment), HD Radios, Music System