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Standard Performance Buffers | Cypress Semiconductor

Standard Performance Buffers

Standard Performance Buffers portfolio includes -

  • Non-Zero Delay Clock Buffers
  • Zero Delay Buffers
  • RoboClock™ Skew Management Buffers


Non-Zero Delay Clock Buffers

Cypress Non Zero Delay Buffers or Fanout buffers copies the input clock to multiple outputs.Non Zero Delay Buffers are ideal for low power requirements with space saving packages with low skew and low EMI outputs.


  • Consumer: HDTV, STB, DVD-R, Printer, Copier, Fax, Servers
  • Communication: Base Stations, Switches, Routers
  • Others: Video Systems, Industrial, Automotive, Gaming, Medical, etc.


Zero Delay Buffers

Cypress is the industrial leader in Zero delay Buffers which include:

  • Standard Buffers (CY230X)
  • Enhanced Performance Buffers (CY23EP0X)
  • Spread Aware Buffers (CY23S0X)
  • Field Programmable Buffers (CY23FP12)


  • HDTV, STB, DVD-R, Printer, Copier, Fax, Servers, Base Stations, Switches, Routers, Video
  • Systems, Industrial, Automotive, Gaming, Medical, and More


RoboClock™ Skew Management Buffers


The RoboClock™ high-speed multi-phase PLL clock buffer offers:

  •  Programmable output skew
  •  A programmable output multiplier/divider
  •  User-selectable redundant reference clocks that provide fault tolerance

Designers can control output skew and multiply and divide factors to help accommodate last-minute changes. Maximum flexibility and extensive AC testing on each device ensures a safe design. RoboClock offers a high-performance timing solution for designers of communications, medical, computation and storage networking applications