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S6BL112A 2A Output 1-ch Synchronous Buck LED Driver | Cypress Semiconductor

S6BL112A 2A Output 1-ch Synchronous Buck LED Driver

S6BL112A is an automotive-grade 1 channel 2A output LED driver for automotive front-lighting applications. The S6BL112A is able to drive LEDs at a switching frequency of 2.1 MHz eliminating large, expensive inductors needed to filter at lower switching frequencies. This LED driver provides high-power conversion via a synchronous operation and is backed by an integrated high-side and low-side FET. Additionally, these LED drivers have high-tolerance for extreme battery voltage fluctuations caused by cold-cranking and load dump. They also offer system safety features that protect the ECU’s electronics.

Prevent LED black out during extreme battery voltage fluctuations

S6BL112A is optimized for head light systems and can detect the decline of battery voltage. You can use the detect signal to keep the lighting operation going by simply reducing the serial LEDs or the switching frequency. This LED driver also enables the design of a stable LED operation by masking any undesired OPEN diagnosis output when the input voltage falls. What’s more, synchronous operation eliminates unstable dimming that could happen when the input voltage is low.

Compact headlights

Conventional LED drivers cannot support triple serial LEDs with over AM frequency band because of the large minimum-off-time. But the S6BL112A has low minimum-off-time of 40 ns enough to operate triple serial LEDs with a switching frequency of 2.1 MHz. The higher switching frequency works on a small inductor and enables you to create compact headlight designs.

Maximum Output Voltage vs. Switching Frequency

Maximum Output Voltage vs. Switching Frequency

Key Features:

  • Input voltage range: 4.5V-42 V
  • Maximum output current: 2 A
  • Adjustable frequency: 205 kHz-2.1 MHz
  • Minimum on time: 40ns
  • Minimum off time: 40ns
  • Output current accuracy: +/-2.0%

System Safety Function

  • Under Current Detection (UCD)
  • Under Voltage Lock-out (UVLO)
  • Under Voltage Detection (UVD)
  • Over Current Limit (OCL)
  • LED Open Detection (OPEN)
  • Thermal Shut Down (TSD)
  • Diagnosis output (DIAG)

Open Diag Masking Function

  • Adjustable masking voltage

Dimming Function

  • Analog
  • PWM


  • 16-pin Thermally Enhanced TSSOP


  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1


  • Head light
  • Day running light
  • Clearance light
  • Turn light
  • Fog light

Block Diagram: