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QDR-II+ Xtreme | Cypress Semiconductor

QDR-II+ Xtreme

Cypress’s QDR-II+ Xtreme is a high performance, dual-port SRAM memory. QDR-II+ Xtreme SRAM operates up to 633 MHz and is available in 36 Mb or 72 Mb densities. Cypress's Xtreme line of QDR-II+ and DDR-II+ devices are fit-, form-, and function- compatible with existing QDR-II+ family devices, allowing manufacturers of network switches, routers, and aggregation platforms to boost performance by increasing clock speeds without board layout changes.

DDR-II+ Xtreme devices are similar to QDR-II+ Xtreme devices except that all DDR devices have a burst length of 2 and a single data rate address bus. DDR-II+ Xtreme devices provide a single port for reads and writes, reducing the number of required data pin connections.


Maximum Frequency 633 MHz (Burst of 4)
450 MHz (Burst of 2)
Maximum Random Transaction Rate 633 MT/s (Burst of 4)
900 MT/s (Burst of 2)
Maximum Density 36-72 Mb
Bus Width x18, x36
Burst Length 2, 4
Package FBGA165
Read Latency 2.5 cycles
Core Voltage 1.8 V
I/O Voltage 1.5 V
On-Die Termination Available