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MCU, Clock, and USB Device Programming | Cypress Semiconductor

MCU, Clock, and USB Device Programming

PSoC Programmer is a programming tool for Cypress' MCUs including PSoC® and FM0+ devices, as well as USB Type-C and Power Delivery devices. PSoC Programmer also provides integrated support in both the PSoC Creator and PSoC Designer IDEs.

Clock Programmer is used in configuring Cypress' configurable Clock devices. The Clock Programmer utilizes the CY3240 USB-I2C Bridge kit to configure Cypress' Clock devices.

Bridge Control Panel is a simple debugging software tool that comes with PSoC Programmer. Use it to communicate with target devices over I2C/UART/SPI serial communications interfaces. Users can also log the data coming over these communication interfaces for further debugging.

KitProg2 is a programming architecture implemented on the PSoC 5LP device and is an enhanced version of KitProg1. KitProg2 is a platform-independent programmer and debugger that supports programming of a target device via Cypress' proprietary or the industry-standard Arm® CMSIS-DAP and Drag-and-Drop programming interfaces. KitProg2 also features several bridging interfaces such as USB-UART, USB-SPI and USB-I2C.

KitProg1 is a legacy programmer and debugger that is used on some older Cypress kits.

Cypress works with global providers of data and security programming solutions to qualify our devices. Cypress' partners gain early access to our products and are provided dedicated support to ensure reliable programming of the devices. If you are a programming tools vendor and you want to support any of the Cypress devices, please contact

PSoC Programmer 3.27.1 release delivers:

Support for new families

  • Support for PSoC 6 MCU architecture
  • Support for PSoC 4100S Plus product line
  • Pre-Production support of CCG3PA2 product line
  • Pre-Production support of Automotive TrueTouch® Generation 7 CYAT817X product line

Production support for new part numbers

  • Support for new part numbers in the PSoC 4200L, PSoC 4100S, PSoC 4200DS, PSoC 4000S, CY7C65219, CCG2C, CCG4, and CCG5 product lines, via PSoC Programmer and PSoC Creator

For more details on exact MPNs, please refer to the Release Notes.

MiniProg3 firmware update

MiniProg3 firmware is updated to support PSoC 4100S Plus devices, and to address various defects.

KitProg2 firmware update

KitProg2 1.05 firmware support of CY8CKIT-062-BLE Pioneer and CY8CKIT-149 Prototyping kits.

This version also includes an update for the mode and status LEDs on the development kits, to be able to better communicate the programming mode and status, as following:

Programming Mode Mode Indicator
(Amber LED)
Programming Status Status Indicator 1
(Green LED)
Status Indicator 1
(Red LED)
Proprietary ON Programming 8Hz OFF
Success ON OFF
Error OFF ON
CMSIS-DAP and Drag-n-Drop OFF Programming 8Hz OFF
Success ON OFF
Error OFF ON
Bootloader 1Hz N/A N/A N/A
Custom Application 8Hz User defined User defined
Low power N/A N/A N/A

KitProg2 v1.05 firmware supports USB-UART bridging in CMSIS-DAP mode.

KitProg1 firmware update

​KitProg1 firmware is updated to address various defects.

File Title Language File Size Last Updated
  PSoC Programmer 3.27.3   English 39.7 MB 07/10/2018
  PSoC Programmer 3.27.3 ISO (Create CD)    English 626 MB 07/10/2018

“Older versions of PSoC Programmer are archived at the following page: Click here

Cypress devices support standard SWD interface for programming and debugging. The table below lists the programming specifications to program Cypress devices. There is a comprehensive list of third-party programming partners and supported devices here. If you are a programming tools vendor and want to support any of the Cypress devices, please contact

Device Family Programming Specifications
PSoC 3 PSoC 3 Device Programming Specifications
MBR3 CY8CMBR3xxx Device Programming Specifications
PSoC 4

CY8C4xxx, CYBLxxxx Programming Specifications

PSoC Analog Coprocessor Programming Specifications

PSoC 5LP PSoC 5LP Device Programming Specification
PSoC 6 PSoC 6 Programming Specifications
USB Type-C CYPDxxxx Programming Specification
TrueTouch CYTMAxxx, CY8CTMAxxx, CYTTxxx Programming Specifications