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PSoC® 4100 Intelligent Analog


PSoC® 4100BL, 4100M, 4100S and 4100 add to the basic PSoC 4 architecture, intelligent analog integration through Programmable Analog Blocks. Programmable Analog Blocks are hardware modules which can be configured to create custom Analog Front Ends (AFEs) and signal conditioning circuits with opamps and filters. Some examples of these blocks include, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and continuous time blocks, which are used to implement continuous time analog circuits such as opamps and programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs). 

Programmable Analog Blocks 

  • 12-bit SAR ADC with zero-overhead sequencing and differential capability
  • Continuous Time Block mini
  • On-chip best-in-class Voltage Reference with ±1% results in guaranteed performance 

Datasheet PSoC 4100 PSoC 4100S PSoC 4100M PSoC 4100BLE
Series PSoC 4 PSoC 4 S-Series PSoC 4 M-Series PSoC 4 BLE
Core ARM Cortex-M0 ARM Cortex-M0+ ARM Cortex-M0 ARM Cortex-M0
Max CPU Speed 24 MHz 48 MHz 24 MHz 48 MHz
Flash/SRAM (KB) 32/4 64/8 128/16 128/16
DMA channels 0 0 8 8

10-bit 46.8 Ksps Single Slope

12-bit 1 Msps SAR 

12-bit 806 Ksps SAR 12-bit 806 Ksps SAR
Opamps 2 2
Comparators 4 6
Timers/Counters/PWMs  4 5
Serial Interfaces 2 3 2
CapSense Blocks  1 1 1
GPIO 36 36 55 36
Smart I/O™ 0 16 
Kit CY8CKIT-040 CY8CKIT-041-41XX CY8CKIT-044 CY8CKIT-042-BLE
Prototyping Kit CY8CKIT-049

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Device Documentation
Family Datasheet
  • The family datasheet is intended to provide quick reference on the specific PSoC® 4 device family.
Technical Reference Manual
  • The PSoC® 4 Technical Reference Manual provides detailed information on the device features and how they work. It is intended for advance user's who want to understand what's going on under the hood.
Self Help Documentation

PSoC Creator

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PSoC Programmer

PSoC Programmer is a flexible, integrated programming application for programming PSoC devices. PSoC Programmer can be used with PSoC Designer and PSoC Creator to program any design onto a PSoC device. PSoC Programmer supports all PSoC 1, PSoC 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP devices.

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