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nvSRAM Serial

Cypress’s serial nvSRAM products provide infinite read/write endurance, 1 million STORE cycles on power loss, high speed reads and writes, nonvolatile data retention and an optional Real Time Clock (RTC). Serial nvSRAM is an excellent alternative to EEPROM which suffers from a 1 million write cycle limitation and may require wear leveling and increased memory capacity to support a product over its lifespan. nvSRAM uses an external Vcap capacitor to complete nonvolatile data transfer on power loss. Cypress’s serial nvSRAM products are ideal for mission-critical applications including industrial control and automation equipment and smart meters. 

Attribute Serial nvSRAM Features
Density 64Kb - 1Mb
Interface SPI
Max Frequency Up to 40 MHz (SPI)
Up to 3.4 MHz (I2C)
Voltage Range 2.7 – 3.6 V
4.5 – 5.5 V
Temperature Range -40˚C to +85˚C
-40˚C to +105˚C
Package 8 DFN
Electronic Gaming Machines

Electronic gaming machines, including slot machines and video poker machines, require memory to store game state data, including the number of winning outcomes, machine payout, wagering details and payment details. This data must be retained through a power outage to ensure functionality of the machine. Gaming machines have traditionally used small batteries or rechargeable Super Caps to maintain power to otherwise volatile memories when power is removed. However, batteries can be unreliable and risk losing the critical data. nvSRAM is replacing volatile memories in this application to eliminate batteries and improve performance.

Gaming Machine Design Challenges The Cypress nvSRAM Solution
Eliminate back-up batteries to reduce cost, avoid regular maintenance, increase reliability and comply with RoHS Eliminates the need for a back-up battery
Capture data instantly on power loss Instantly captures data on power loss
Write real-time data at access times as fast as 25 ns Provides write times as fast as 20 ns
Prevent data corruption from external magnetic interference Is immune to external electromagnetic fields


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