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NOR Flash Memory

Memory Solutions for Embedded Systems

Cypress delivers high-performance, high-quality solutions at the heart of today’s most advanced embedded systems, from automotive, industrial and networking platforms to highly interactive consumer devices. The merger between Cypress and Spansion created a global leader in specialized memories for embedded systems. Cypress’s Memory Products Division offers the broadest portfolio of high-performance memories for embedded systems including NOR Flash and NAND Flash memories, Synchronous SRAMsAsynchronous SRAM, and Nonvolatile RAMs.


An Industry Leading NOR Flash Memory Portfolio

Cypress offers a broad array of NOR Flash Memory solutions including HyperFlash™, Serial NOR, and Parallel NOR with 3.0-V and 1.8-V voltages, and spanning densities of 8 Mb to 2 Gb.

  • HyperFlash provides bandwidth of up to 333 MBps – more than five times faster than ordinary Quad SPI Flash – with one-third the number of pins of Parallel NOR Flash
  • Serial NOR Flash provides a low-pin-count interface for densities up to 1Gb with the FL-S (3.0- V) and FS-S (1.8-V) families
  • Parallel NOR Flash offers a wide variety of reliable parallel interface products up to 2Gb density


World Class Quality and Support

All our products are complemented with world-class quality and support. Our NOR Flash portfolio includes many devices supporting Extended temperature range (-40°C to +125°C), AEC-Q100 automotive qualification, and PPAP support for Automotive customers. Cypress is committed to supporting long product lifecycles with our Longevity Program, which offers a compatible set of Core Features for 10 years for NOR Flash devices.

Our Commitment

Cypress is committed to providing continuous innovation in our NOR Flash portfolio, with world class support and exceptional system value to consistently exceed customer expectations. 

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