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Multi-Chip Package (MCP) NOR Flash Memory | Cypress Semiconductor

Multi-Chip Package (MCP) NOR Flash Memory

Cypress multi-chip package (MCP) solutions enable feature rich applications in space constrained designs by combining high-performance Cypress Flash memory and other high quality memory devices into a single small, consistent footprint.

Cypress MCP solutions are ideal for a variety of applications requiring high-performance, low power consumption and a small footprint:

  • Wireless modems
  • Cellular handsets
  • Personal information devices
  • Handheld PCs
  • GPS receivers

Small Footprint, Consistent Packaging

Cellular handset designers and other leading manufacturers face many challenges providing the latest features in decreasing footprints. Cypress MCP devices meet these challenges by offering a single, space-saving package with the performance and quality that customers expect from Cypress products.

Because the various Cypress MCP solutions are stacked in a consistent footprint and pinout, you can easily design a single-board using a universal MCP footprint and provide differentiated products without redesigning your board. In addition, the advanced stacking technology utilized can readily be applied to new Flash, SDRAM or other devices as they are introduced.

Streamline the Supply Chain

As a high volume consumer of SRAMs and pSRAMs for integration into MCPs, Cypress can secure supply at reduced prices and pass on those savings to you. In addition, we manage the complex logistics, quality and inventory management issues that can arise when procuring memory, thereby enabling you to streamline your supply chain.