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Memory Products

Cypress is the global leader in high-performance and low power memories. Cypress's SRAMs and Nonvolatile RAMs address the performance, reliability, and long product lifecycles needed across mission-critical systems in networking, industrial, automotive, military, aerospace, and medical segments.


The Most Trusted and Experienced Supplier

Cypress is No.1 in SRAM market share and has a consistent 30-year track-record of delivering market proven memory solutions. Cypress has a 99.6% on-time delivery record, which is supported by our flexible manufacturing strategy. Cypress provides excellent quality, achieving 500 PPB quality level for automotive parts, and averaging 15 PPM quality level for non-automotive parts.


The Leader in Performance Memories

Cypress offers the world's fastest SRAMs and ultra low power SRAMs to meet the requirements of the world's most demanding systems. Cypress has invented new process technologies, including SONOS and F-RAM, and will lead the SRAM industry to the next technology node. Cypress was the first to produce F-RAM and nvSRAM products and has more than 25 years of experience in nonvolatile memories. Cypress currently holds more than 350 memory-related patents and has more than 50 pending.


The broadest portfolio of NOR flash memories for embedded systems features the Highest-Performance HyperFlash and Quad SPI NOR flash memories delivering up to 333Mbp read bandwidth, with the industry...
Cypress NAND products complement the parallel and serial NOR offerings from Cypress for embedded applications. Cypress will apply its stringent process for qualification, testing, extended...
Cypress HyperRAM™ memory is the first companion device to HyperFlash™ memory and the second device to operate on the 12-pin HyperBus™ Interface. With a read throughput up to 333 megabytes-per-second...
Cypress's nvSRAM brings together two workhorse technologies (Fast SRAM and E-Squared) into one ultra reliable line of products. Used by top design teams for decades, nvSRAM behaves as standard SRAM...
Cypress is a market leader in the Asynchronous SRAM space, and offers the broadest portfolio of fast asynchronous and low-power asynchronous SRAM (MoBL®) devices. Asynchronous SRAMs are used in a...
Cypress is a leader in legacy as well as contemporary high speed SRAMs. We offer a complete portfolio of standard Synchronous Burst SRAMs, NoBL (No Bus Latency) SRAMs and the QDR (Quad Data Rate)...
Cypress is a market leader in multi-port memory solutions.
Our MoBL® family of Dual-Ports is specially optimized for consumer and handheld devices. MoBL Dual-Port™ and MoBL ADM Dual-Port™ Small, low power and flexible; perfect for mobile handsets
Cypress's high-performance FIFO products provide the ideal solution to interconnect problems such as flow control, rate matching, and bus matching for various markets.
Cypress's package memory products are sold in both wafer and die form. Wafers are probed at room and hot temperatures to guarantee full functionality. Known-Good Die (KGD) is available in both die-in...

The One-Stop Performance Memory Supplier

Cypress offers the world's broadest portfolio of SRAMs, including synchronous, asynchronous, QDR, and dual-port SRAMs. Cypress also offers the industry's fastest, most energy-efficient, and highest-reliability Nonvolatile RAM solutions to capture and protect the world's most critical data. Cypress continues to invest in innovative memories to address the increasing performance demands of mission-critical systems everywhere. Cypress is the one-stop supplier for high-performance memories today and in the future.



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