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Low-Speed USB Peripherals | Cypress Semiconductor

Low-Speed USB Peripherals

Cypress's Low Speed USB Peripheral family offers a broad range of devices that support applications requiring a 1.5 Mbps bandwidth. As an industry leader, Cypress offers powerful, flexible and integrated solutions for a wide range of USB applications.



The enCoRe II (CY7C63310, CY7C638xx) is programmable low speed USB controller. enCoRe II eliminates the external crystal or resonator, pull up resistors, wakeup circuitry and 3.3V regulator to reduce...
The M8 Series of Low-Speed USB microcontrollers is a family of 8-bit RISC One Time Programmable (OTP) microcontrollers with a built-in 1.5-Mbps USB Serial Interface Engine (SIE) and transceiver. 
The enCoRe family of Low-Speed USB devices are 8-bit RISC one-time-programmable (OTP) microcontrollers with 256 bytes RAM and 8 Kbytes program memory. Leveraging its leadership and design expertise...