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FlexRay Development Platforms - Overview | Cypress Semiconductor

FlexRay Development Platforms - Overview

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FlexRay ASSP

FlexRay™ is a type of next-generation in-car network protocol. FlexRay supports high-reliability and high-speed controls (maximum communication speed is 10 megabits per seconds), and it is an advanced and next-generation in-car network for X-by-Wire that replaces mechanical control with electronic control. FlexRay is a registered trademark of Daimler Chrysler AG.

The standardization of FlexRay is promoted by FlexRay Consortium as the next-generation in-car communication protocol.

Cypress intends to contribute to the development of in-car computerization by developing the next-generation microcontroller that contains FlexRay IP.

- Note -

Some parts of this site show only the outlines of the actual FlexRay standards to make them easily understood.