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Easy DesignSim™


Easy DesignSim is a comprehensive online design support tool for power circuit designers. With the SIMPLIS simulator, this online design support tool enables power circuit designers to automatically select suitable parts for the printed circuit board according to the input/output voltage and load current parameters. It also enables designers to quickly display operation waveforms such as load transient response, startup, shutdown, and efficiency.


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  • Easily select peripheral components associated with the input/output.
  • Schematic creation: Performs automatic calculation of the parameters for parts that the user can select from a list of commercially available parts. Users may also input parameters directly.
  • High-speed simulation: Displays load transient response characteristics necessary for the evaluation of power supply circuit operations, waveforms at the time of startup/shutdown, AC analysis for confirming feedback circuit oscillation margins, and an efficiency graph that shows the conversion efficiency of the power supply.
  • BOM (Bill of Materials) list: Displays a parts list. Users can select a part name, as well as an estimated price from selected parts distributors. Customers may purchase the parts online from some distributors.
  • Summary display: Shows the configurations, parts list, circuit diagram, and simulation waveforms that are downloadable as a PDF file.



MB39C022 Series is a two-channel power supply IC, which consists of a one channel buck DC/DC converter and a one channel LDO regulator. The MB39C022 Series also has a built-in low noise LDO, suited for power supplies used on RF, PLL, and analog circuits and packaged in a small SON10. This IC has a very easy-to-use feature and is optimal for electronic devices with an analog digital mixed circuit. The following seven steps show you how to use the Easy DesignSim. (Fig. 1) Especially useful features are explained as follows.


Figure 1 How to use the Easy DesignSim




Easy DesignSim has a quick search feature so you can search for the relevant parts easily. Additionally, the desired parts can also be searched via the functional specifications table for each product. (Fig. 2)


Figure 2 "Part Selection" Screen

Figure2_Easy_DesignSim (new logo).png



The schematic is automatically drawn after the user inputs the operating parameters. Users can automatically select parts from the distributor's parts list. Additionally, users can change the parameter value for each electronic component and easily check the operation waveforms of the circuit. This tool has a particularly convenient feature where users can search for the parts on the schematic by simply clicking on it. (Fig. 3)


Figure 3 Circuit diagram and parts selection
Automatic generation of a schematic from the input/output parameters.

Figure3_Easy_DesignSim (new logo).png




Conventionally, without a tool like Easy DesignSim, a circuit designer calculates the operation waveform manually and tests the circuit with an evaluation board. With Easy DesignSim the waveform of the power supply circuit is automatically calculated so that the operation of confirming of the circuit can be performed very easily. Moreover, Easy DesignSim provides up to five simulation waveforms which a designer can use to verify the operation. (Fig. 4)

  • Load response characteristics (Transient): Displays the output voltage change when the load current is changed.
  • Startup/Shutdown waveform (Startup/Shutdown): The waveform at the time of startup and shutdown can be checked.
  • AC Analysis: Displays the oscillation margin for the circuit.
  • Efficiency: For products with an external FET, Easy DesignSim displays a graph by using formulas. For products with built-in FETs, Easy DesignSim displays a measured waveform.
  • DC Analysis (Steady-State): Users can check the operation waveform at each node of the power supply circuit.


Figure 4 Waveforms

(a) Load response



(b) Startup waveform



(c) AC Analysis




(d) Efficiency waveform

Figure4-d_Easy_DesignSim (new logo).png




Easy DesignSim displays the BOM list of selected parts for every parts distributor. It also displays the sample price from the distributor and the BOM cost. For some distributors, customers may be able to purchase the electronic components online. (Fig. 5)


Figure 5 BOM List

figure5_Easy_DesignSim (new logo).png



Easy DesignSim displays input/output setting conditions, parameters for the parts, and a graphical representation of the results. Users can access the summary as a downloadable PDF file. What’s more, users can save the operation conditions of the simulation and the Circuit Parts Parameter. If necessary, the simulation can be reproduced by opening the saved parameters set (from a tab on the screen). (Fig. 6)

Figure 6 Summary Report and "Save" button

Figure6_2_Easy_DesignSim (new logo).png

Disclaimer: Cypress has verified the simulation results, based on actual measurements. However, operation of the device based on this simulation tool is not always guaranteed. It is advised that circuit designers confirm and test operations with the actual applications.