CY8C52xxx | Cypress Semiconductor


With its unique array of configurable blocks, PSoC® 5 is a true system level solution providing MCU, memory, analog, and digital peripheral functions in a single chip. The CY8C52 family offers a modern method of signal acquisition, signal processing, and control with high accuracy, high bandwidth, and high flexibility. Analog capability spans the range from thermocouples (near DC voltages) to ultrasonic signals.

The CY8C52 family can handle dozens of data acquisition channels and analog inputs on every GPIO pin. The CY8C52 family is also a high performance configurable digital system with some part numbers including interfaces such as USB and multi-master I2C. In addition to communication interfaces, the CY8C52 family has an easy to configure logic array, flexible routing to all I/O pins, and a high performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3 microprocessor core.

Designers can easily create system level designs using a rich library of prebuilt components and boolean primitives using PSoC® Creator™, a hierarchical schematic design entry tool. The CY8C52 family provides unparalleled opportunities for analog and digital bill of materials integration while easily accommodating last minute design changes through simple firmware updates.