CY8C24x94 | Cypress Semiconductor


The PSoC® family consists of many Mixed Signal Array with On-Chip Controller devices. These devices are designed to replace multiple traditional MCU-based system components with one low cost single-chip programmable device. PSoC devices include configurable blocks of analog and digital logic, and programmable interconnects. This architecture enables the user to create customized peripheral configurations that match the requirements of each individual application. Additionally, a fast CPU, Flash program memory, SRAM data memory, and configurable IO are included in a range of convenient pinouts and packages.

The CY8C24x94 PSoC architecture, consists of four main areas: the core, the system resources, the digital system, and the analog system. Configurable global bus resources allow combining all of the device resources into a complete custom system. Each CY8C24x94 PSoC device includes 4 digital blocks and 6 analog blocks. Depending on the PSoC package, up to 56 GPIOs are also included. The GPIOs provide access to the global digital and analog interconnects.


Block Diagram


The CY8C24x94 PSoC family also includes CapSense, a programmable Capacitive-sensing method with Additional Functionality via assembly or C language coding in PSoC Designer. This family supports up to 56 GPIO for buttons, multi-segment sliders, proximity detection, touchpads, LEDs, and other general purpose functions. The designer can also include such features like LED Backlight, Motor Control, Power Management and Gyro Sensing with CapSense enabled. The family provides field upgrade capability via bootloader. This family also has the capability to support I2C,SPI,USB and UART interfaces.

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