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CapSense® Controllers

Cypress is the world leader in Capacitive Sensing technologies. Our broad range of solutions provide robust noise immunity, enable quick time to market and system scalability, and have replaced more than 5 Billion mechanical buttons over the past several years. The CapSense® portfolio ranges from simple buttons and sliders to more sophisticated solutions integrating other system components to reduce total BOM cost and form factor. Cypress CapSense controllers feature best-in-class liquid tolerance and capacitive proximity sensing, made easy to implement with SmartSense™ Auto-Tuning, an algorithm that constantly monitors and compensates for environmental conditions.


Salient features include:

  • Ultra low power with industry's widest voltage range.
  • Industry's leading Small form factor packaging such as WLCSP (2mm x 2mm).
  • Revolutionary, one of its kind SmartSense Auto-Tuning algorithm.
  • Industry's best solutions for advanced features such proximity and water tolerance.

CapSense® Express is easy to use and supports simple button or button / slider designs with up to 16 capacitive buttons or up to 5 capacitive buttons and 1 slider.

CY8CMBR2044, CY8CMBR2016, CY8C201xx, CY8CMBR2010, CY8CMBR2110, CapSense MBR3

CapSense® - supports up to 33 capacitive buttons and 6 sliders and features such as LED effects.

CY8C20x34, CY8C20xx6A, CY8C20xx7

CapSense®Plus our full featured offering handles up to 44 capacitive buttons and 8 sliders. Supporting LED effects, proximity detection, water rejection as well as further system level integration of various analog and digital blocks to reduce total BOM cost

CY8C21x34/B, CY8C21x45, CY8C22x45, CY8C24x94, CY8C20xx6A, CY8C20xx6H, CY8C20xx7, CY8C20XX6A/S

Design support


These entry level series of CapSense Controllers enable the user to integrate up to 16 GPIOs for a sleek and trendy Capacitive sensing solution. 
These sophisticated series of CapSense Plus Controllers provides programmable touch-Sensing solutions where the user can integrate up to 56 GPIOs enabling customers to integrate sleek and trendy...
These mid-range series of CapSense programmable controllers enables the user to integrate up to 34 GPIOs enabling customers to integrate sleek and trendy market leading Capacitive sensing solutions...
1 Download the "Getting started with CapSense Design Guide".
2 Watch the "CapSense Express with SmartSense Demo" video.
  • The CapSense Express with SmartSense demo video walks viewers through the features of Cypress's CapSense® Express™ technology, including SmartSense™ which automatically tunes touch-sensing "buttons" when capacitance is changed. No software or firmware development is required.This is an ideal starting point for first time users of CapSense products
3 Purchase the CY3280-MBR evaluation kit:
  • Evaluate CapSense Express, solution, CY8CMBR2044-24LKXI ,the world's easiest Capacitive sensing solution.
  • The CY8CMBR2044 solution provides up to four hardware configurable CapSense buttons with direct LED drive capability. The CY3280-MBR kit evaluates the CY8CMBR2044.
4 Download "CapSense Design Guides Cross ref table"
5 Join the Cypress Developer Community.
Family Datasheet
The family datasheet is intended to provide a quick reference to a specific CapSense device family.
CapSense Design Guides
Family Design guides provide design guidance for a particular device family. It is intended for design engineers who are familiar with capacitive sensing technology and have chosen a specific family of devices for their applications.
Application Notes
Family application notes provide designers with explanation to specific topics such as implementation , best practices etc., that help with simplification of CapSense designs.
User Module Datasheet
Family user module datasheets describe features and overview of user modules specific to a CapSense device.
Technical Reference Manual
Technical Reference Manuals provide detailed information on device features and is intended to be a technical reference to clarify device behavior.
Family Programming Specifications
Family programming specifications provide information on hardware connections required for programming, while developing your own CapSense design.
Code Examples
Family code examples demonstrate step by step processes involved in developing codes for specific operations.
Knowledgebase (KB) Articles
These articles are a collection of knowledge in the form of subject-problem-solution information that pertains to a specific topic or subject of interest.
Family errata
The family errata documents deviation from a specified operation of a device, when compared to its published datasheet.
Design toolbox videos : focus on specific topics - MBR Design Toolbox : The design toolbox tutorial walks you through a fast and easy way to an MBR2044 Capsense design.
CapSense Controller Code Examples Design Guide Demo
The CY3280-MBR Kit is the lowest entry level kit. It is intended to quickly familiarize a new user with the simplest CapSense device, the CY8CMBR2044.
Development kits
These kits have prototyping area and expansion board capabilities. They are designed to evaluate device capability, however, their primary purpose is to accelerate the development cycle by providing a hardware platform for firmware development before an application specific board is designed.
Pods: In circuit Emulation (ICE) Pods are meant for device de-bugging and are available for specific families.

Universal CapSense Controllers


The CY3280-BK1 Universal CapSense Controller Kit is designed for easy prototyping and debug of CapSense designs with pre-defined control circuitry and plug-in hardware.  The kit comes with controller boards for the CY8C20x34 and CY8C21x34 PSoC devices as well as a breadboard module and a button(5) / slider module.


Universal capSense Controller board for evaluation of CY8C20x34 family of devices.


Universal capSense Controller board for evaluation of CY3280-21x34 family of devices.


Universal capSense Controller board for evaluation of CY8C20x66 family of devices.


Universal capSense Controller board for evaluation of CY8C24x94 family of devices.

Daughter cards


The CY3280-SLM Linear Slider Module consists of five CapSense buttons, one linear slider (with ten sensors) and five LEDs. This module connects to any CY3280 Universal CapSense Controller Board.


The CY3280-BMM Matrix Button Module consists of eight LEDs as well as eight CapSense sensors organized in a 4x4 matrix format to form 16 physical buttons. This module connects to any CY3280 Universal CapSense Controller Board 


The CY3280-BSM Simple Button Module consists of ten CapSense buttons and ten LEDs. This module connects to any CY3280 Universal CapSense Controller Board


The CY3280-SRM Radial Slider Module consists of four CapSense buttons, one radial slider (with ten sensors) and four LEDs. This module connects to any CY3280 Universal CapSense Controller Board.

StandAlone kits


The CY3218-CAPEXP1 CapSense Express evaluation kit enables designers to replace mechanical buttons by implementing touch sensing designs in minutes with the CY8C201xx CapSense Express.


The CY3218-CAPEXP2 CapSense Express evaluation kit enables designers to replace mechanical buttons by implementing touch sensing designs in minutes with the CY8C201xx CapSense Express.


This kit is designed to showcase the abilities of the patented SmartSense algorithm, which enables automatic tuning of capacitive sensor designs over the conventional manual-tuning approach.