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Automotive Power Management ICs (PMICs) | Cypress Semiconductor

Automotive Power Management ICs (PMICs)

Cypress’s Automotive PMIC solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern ECUs. They are very compact, and are able to tolerate extreme battery voltage fluctuations while providing stable and reliable power. They extend battery life due to their low quiescent current consumption, and they offer features that support System Safety Functions that protect ECU electronics against harsh conditions.

Compact, Low-power, Highly Integrated Automotive Power Management Solution

Industry-leading compact solution

Start-stop systems, along with Load Dump and Cold Cranking conditions, cause extreme battery voltage transients below the voltage that electronic ICs typically utilize. This forces traditional buck type PMICs to use a pre-conditioning filter with bulky, expensive electrolytic capacitors. Cypress’s Automotive PMICs are buck-boost type PMICs that don’t require electrolytic capacitors. Furthermore, they integrate external components such as switching transistors, output voltage setting resistors, and phase compensation circuits. So you get a power management solution that reduces BOM and easily fits into small systems.

Tolerate extreme battery voltage fluctuations with stable and reliable power

Automobile battery voltages can vary from 3 volts up to 35 volts as specified in ISO16750-2. Cypress’s Automotive PMICs tolerate these voltages, while providing stable and reliable power with minimal undershoot and overshoot.

Extend battery life

"Always-on" functions such as keyless entry must continuously operate while the engine is off. Cypress’s Automotive PMICs consume very little power on standby and is extremely battery-friendly.

Support System Safety Functions

ECUs are now used for critical systems. They must be protected against harsh thermal and electrical conditions to ensure proper operation. Cypress Automotive PMICs support System Safety Functions by providing input voltage supervisors, output voltage/current supervisors, thermal management, and watch-dog timers to protect ECUs from damage and erroneous operation.


Cypress’s web-based Easy DesignSim™ simulation and verification tool offers users an automated way to quickly iterate their analog circuit design and generate a bill of materials list. Evaluation kits are also available that will help test and evaluate your design.


  • S6BP201A: 5V 1A Output One-channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • S6BP202A: 5V 2.4A Output One-channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • S6BP203A: 3.3V 2.4A Output One-channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • S6BP501A, S6BP502A: Three-channel Instrument Cluster PMICs
  • S6BP401A: Six-channel Advanced Driver Assistance System PMIC

Featured Kits:

To request a kit, please contact your local sales representative.

High Stability One-Channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter S6BP201A series S6BP201A, S6BP202A and S6BP203A are 1-channel buck-boost DC/DC converter ICs. They provide 5.0V or 3.3V stable...
3-Channel Power Management IC (PMIC) for Instrument Cluster Systems S6BP501A and S6BP502A S6BP501A and S6BP502A are 3-channel PMICs. They come with a buck controller, a buck...
Multi-channel PMIC for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) S6BP401A S6BP401A is 6-channel power management IC for ADAS. This single-chip solution has a 6-channel power output....

Cypress Solution for Body Control Module:
S6BP202A Automotive PMIC Traveo™
S6J3110 Series

  • PMIC manages extreme battery voltage fluctuation
  • PMIC provides power good to support System Safety Functions
  • Traveo supports body control system peripherals and CAN FD and SHE interfaces

Cypress Solution for Instrument Cluster system with 4- to 7-inch color LCD, head up display (HUD):
S6BP502A Automotive PMIC
Traveo™ S6J3200 Series
HyperFlash™ and HyperRAM™ memories

  • PMIC manages extreme battery voltage fluctuation
  • PMIC provides power good and thermal warning features to support System Safety Functions
  • Traveo Provides a single-chip solution with 2.5-D graphics engine and the latest network interfaces such as CAN FD and Ethernet
  • HyperFlash™ and HyperRAM™ memories offers an access speed of up to 333 MBps with a HyperBus™ interface for instant-on and seamless display

Cypress Solution for ADAS with Image Recognition:
S6BP401A Automotive PMIC
S6BP202A Automotive PMIC
F2MC Series
NOR flash

  • S6BP401A Automotive PMIC provides a single chip solution enough to power a GPU and peripherals
  • S6BP202A Automotive PMIC manages extreme battery voltage fluctuation
  • PMICs Operate at 2.1 MHz switching frequency to avoid AM radio interference
  • Watchdog timer and power good features provided by PMICs plus F2MC low-cost MCU support System Safety Functions