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Automotive LED Drivers

Cypress’s Automotive LED Drivers enable the most compact, cost effective front lighting solutions. The unique ability to support the low forward voltages of single LEDs at a switching frequency of 2.1 MHz enables designers to take advantage of state of the art LED technology to reduce LED count, and to minimize BOM cost by eliminating large, expensive inductors needed to filter at lower switching frequencies. They provide stable and reliable power while tolerating extreme battery voltage fluctuations resulting from cold- cranking and load dump conditions. They also offer features that support System Safety Functions that protect ECU electronics against harsh conditions.

Most Compact and Cost Effective Automotive LED Driver Solution

Single LED Solution
Modern single LEDs can now offer the brightness and color required by automotive front lighting systems, enabling designers to minimize the physical size and BOM cost of their solutions. To support a single LED solution, Automotive LED drivers must offer a minimum output voltage less than 2.9 V to avoid unstable operation. Further physical size and cost reductions can be realized by using a LED driver switching frequency of 2.1 MHz. A high switching frequency eliminates large, expensive filtering inductors, and also avoids the AM frequency band of 500 KHz – 1.7 MHz. Cypress’s Automotive LED Drivers offer single LED device support across the entire range of switching frequencies, including 2.1 MHz, enabling the most compact and cost effective solution in the market.

Tolerate extreme battery voltage fluctuations with stable and reliable power
Automobile battery voltages can vary from 4.5 volts up to 35 volts as specified in ISO16750-2. Cypress’s Automotive LED Drivers tolerate these voltages, while providing stable and reliable power with minimal undershoot and overshoot.

Support System Safety Functions
Lighting is an important automotive electrical system. It must be protected against harsh thermal and electrical conditions to ensure proper operation. Cypress Automotive LED Drivers support System Safety Functions by providing input voltage supervisors, output current supervisors including LED open detection, and thermal management, to protect lighting systems from damage and erroneous operation.

Most Compact Solution for Front Lighting Systems S6BL111A is unique in its ability to drive a single LED at a 2.1-MHz switching frequency which enables a compact solution that uses small,...
S6BL112A is an automotive-grade 1 channel 2A output LED driver for automotive front-lighting applications. The S6BL112A is able to drive LEDs at a switching frequency of 2.1 MHz eliminating large,...

Cypress Solution for Front Lighting and Body Control System
S6BL111A, S6BL112A Automotive LED Driver
S6BP202A Automotive PMIC
Traveo™ S6J3110 Series Automotive MCU

  • LED driver can control Front lighting applications with minimized BOM and low heat generation
  • PMIC manages extreme battery voltage fluctuation and supports System Safety Functions
  • Traveo™ supports front lighting and body control system peripherals and CAN FD and SHE interfaces