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Automotive Bluetooth

  • Automotive WICED SMART READY Bluetooth Solutions

Cypress's portfolio of automotive qualified, WICED SMART READY, Bluetooth devices allow products to sip power at an incremental rate, enabling connectivity between the car and the latest wearable tech gadgets. Support for Bluetooth's Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) enables best-in-class wireless audio for hands-free calling and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) music streaming between a mobile device and the vehicle infotainment radio system. The portfolio supports narrow band and newer wide band speech capabilities with a variety of SmartAudio™ algorithms, including packet loss concealment and bit error correction. Bluetooth technology also enables drivers to use their smartphone to adjust seat, temperature and infotainment settings while providing vital data on automotive performance and diagnostics.

All automotive qualified, Bluetooth devices offer an industry-standard Host Controller Interface (HCI) and can be used with almost any Bluetooth stack, operating system and host processor.

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Datasheet BCM89071 BCM20713
Technology Bluetooth (BR + EDR) Bluetooth (BR + EDR)
Automotive qualification Automotive Grade 3 Automotive Grade 3
Bluetooth Spec. Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth 4.0
RX Sensitivity -91 dBm -91 dBm
Max. TX Power 10 dBm (Programmable TX Power) 10 dBm (Programmable TX Power)
Power-Class Class 1,
Class 2,
Class 3
Class 1,
Class 2,
Class 3
Flash/EEPROM Ext. Flash/EEPROM support
Internal 384 KB ROM
Ext. Flash/EEPROM support
Internal 384 KB ROM
SRAM 112KB 112KB
Coexistence Interface GCI SECI Legacy SECI
Serial Interfaces UART,
GPIOs 8 8
Other Features Integrated Regulator,
Integrated Regulator,
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Automotive Qualified WICED™ SMART READY Bluetooth 

Product Document Type

BCM89071 Datasheet

BCM89071 - PCB Layout Guidelines

BCM20713 BCM20713 Datasheet


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