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Asynchronous SRAM

Cypress is a market leader in the Asynchronous SRAM space, and offers the broadest portfolio of fast asynchronous and low-power asynchronous SRAM (MoBL®) devices. Asynchronous SRAMs are used in a wide variety of industrial, medical, commercial, automotive and military applications that require the highest standards of reliability and performance. Best-in class process technology and manufacturing, steadfast customer support and high quality design ensure that Cypress asynchronous SRAM devices meet and exceed expectations. Cypress continues to invest into SRAM technology to create new and innovative products even as a number of manufacturers have exited the space. Watch this space for announcements on our next generation products!


Cypress offers broadest portfolio of Fast Async SRAM devices, with product offerings ranging from 64-Kbit up-to 32-Mbit. Fast SRAMs are available in industry-standard voltage, bus-width, and package...
Cypress's MoBL® SRAM devices form the industry's broadest portfolio of ASYNC Low power SRAM devices, with active offerings ranging from 64 Kb to 64 Mb. MoBL® SRAMs are available in industry-standard...
With the performance to serve a wide variety of industrial, communication, data processing, medical, consumer and military applications, Fast and Micropower (MoBL®) SRAM devices are form-fit-function...

16-Mbit Asynchronous SRAM with ECC

Key Features

  • High reliability: Soft-Error Rate < 0.1FIT/Mbit
  • Fast access time: 10ns (16-Mbit FAST)
  • Deep Sleep current of 22μA (16-Mbit FAST with PowerSnooze™)

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Quick Presentation 4MB Asynchronous SRAM with ECC

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