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8Mb – 16Mb 3.0V Universal Footprint Standard Interface (AL) Flash Memory | Cypress Semiconductor

8Mb – 16Mb 3.0V Universal Footprint Standard Interface (AL) Flash Memory

Standard Mode Flash

The Cypress AL NOR Flash family is a standard mode Flash with extended temperature support that is available in densities of 8 Mb and 16 Mb. Each device requires only a single 3.0V power supply for read and write functions and is entirely command set compatible with the JEDEC Flash standards.

Universal Footprint

The Cypress AL family supports Cypress’s Universal Footprint, which provides one footprint across all densities, product families and process technologies, allowing manufacturers to design a single platform and simply scale Flash memory capacity up or down, depending on the features and functionality of the final product.

Title File Size Issue Date
 Category: Manufacturing/Assembly
Dose Minimization During X-ray Inspection of Surface-Mounted Flash ICs 256.96 KB 10/20/2015
Impact of X-Ray Inspection on Cypress Flash Memory 524.81 KB 10/20/2015
KGD Assembly 1.2 MB 10/28/2015
 Category: Migration
Migrating from S29AL032D to S29GL032N and S29JL032J 668.25 KB 10/26/2015
 Category: Systems & Interface
Cypress High Voltage Sector Group Protection / Un-Protection 381.5 KB 10/20/2015
Vendor OS Software AL-D AL-J Date Size
Cypress - Flash Explorer for FSK Programming Tool 11/19/2013 34.89 MB
Cypress WinCE FMD for WinCE CE6 07/19/2012 6.41 MB
Cypress WinCE FMD for WinCE CE5 07/19/2012 6.37 MB
Cypress - Low Level Driver for NOR Flash 11/20/2015 3.99 MB
Cypress WinCE PDD for WinCE CE6 R2 and later 04/13/2016 6.42 MB