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8Mb – 16Mb 1.8V Standard Interface (AS) Flash Memory | Cypress Semiconductor

8Mb – 16Mb 1.8V Standard Interface (AS) Flash Memory

Standard Mode Flash

The Cypress AS NOR Flash family is a standard mode Flash that is available in densities of 8 Mb and 16 Mb. Each device requires only a single 1.8V power supply for read and write functions and is entirely command set compatible with the JEDEC Flash standards.

Fast Initial Access

In addition to a fast initial access time of 70ns the AS family offers low power consumption and a fast program speed which is ideal for a wide variety of embedded applications.

Title File Size Issue Date
 Category: Manufacturing/Assembly
Dose Minimization During X-ray Inspection of Surface-Mounted Flash ICs 256.96 KB 10/20/2015
Impact of X-Ray Inspection on Cypress Flash Memory 524.81 KB 10/20/2015
KGD Assembly 1.2 MB 10/28/2015
 Category: Systems & Interface
Cypress High Voltage Sector Group Protection / Un-Protection 381.5 KB 10/20/2015
Vendor OS Software AS-J Date Size
Cypress - Flash Explorer for FSK Programming Tool 11/19/2013 34.89 MB
Cypress WinCE FMD for WinCE CE6 07/19/2012 6.41 MB
Cypress WinCE FMD for WinCE CE5 07/19/2012 6.37 MB
Cypress WinCE PDD for WinCE CE6 R2 and later 04/13/2016 6.42 MB