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8-bit and 16-bit Proprietary Microcontrollers (MCUs) | Cypress Semiconductor

8-bit and 16-bit Proprietary Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Cypress Portfolio of F2MC 8-bit Proprietary Core MCUs

​Cypress's F2MC NEW 8FX MCU is a high-performance, 8-bit microcontroller with different sizes of embedded Flash memory. The most recent devices use the F2MC-8FX CISC CPU, which offers industry-leading performance for 8-bit microcontrollers, and enables for more instructions to be executed per cycle. 

These MCUs have been supported for over 10 years, implemented into applications such as white goods, power tools, sub-MCUs and motor control, and offers an effective cost versus performance line up.


Cypress Portfolio of F2MC 16-bit Proprietary Core MCUs 

Cypress’s single-chip, 16-bit microcontroller series offer a flexible, scalable family concept approach for a variety of automotive and industrial applications.  These MCUs have the 16FX CPU in common. The combination of different Flash, ROM and RAM sizes with different mixtures of peripherals saves development time and costs. The product lines are F2MC-16FX and its predecessor family F2MC-16LX.

The F2MC-16FX portfolio and the F2MC-16LX portfolio features a 16-bit CISC architecture for optimized performance and low power consumption. The wide product range is appropriate for a variety of applications, from automotive devices that support the Controller Area Network (CAN) to industrial and consumer applications including systems controllers and sub-controllers for audio visual equipment, white goods, office equipment, and industrial equipment.


Fast Time to Market.Cost Savings.High Reliability

Quickly Prototype:  Use the high performance peripherals in NEW 8FX, 16LX, 16FX devices, to quickly prototype and evaluate in a short amount of time, while saving on costs.

High Reliability:  NEW 8FX, 16LX, 16FX MCUs have been supported for over 10 years, highly reliable and qualified MCUs.

Variety of Usage:  NEW 8FX, 16LX, 16FX MCUs have been used in a variety of applications, such as Motor Control, Industrial and Automotive Applications, and White Goods.


The F2MC-16LX family features a proprietary 16-bit CISC CPU. The built-in PLL clock circuit provides high-speed processing with operating frequencies up to 33 MHz.
The MB96300 series of the F2MC-16FX family features a 16 bit CISC CPU with an operating speed up to 56MHz, a performance of some 15 to 30MIPS (Dhrystone 2.1, depending on device), and a minimum...
Cypress’s highly functional F2MC NEW 8FX microcontrollers that delivers a rich set of on-chip peripheral resources combined with a high-performance CPU core. Applications include system control and...
Software Part number Operating System
SOFTUNE V3 Professional Pack
SP3603Z008-P01 Windows XP/Vista/7

CPU Information file: Supported
Sample I/O register file: Supported