16LX | Cypress Semiconductor


The 16LX family features a proprietary 16-bit CISC CPU. The built-in PLL clock circuit provides high-speed processing with operating frequencies up to 33 MHz.

16LX family is supported only for the customers who have already adopted any of the products.

The Sample Programs ("Programs") are offered for use in developing systems for Cypress microcontrollers.

The Programs will be useful in the following situations:

  • I need a simple sample program, as I am going to develop software. The sequence of resource access, among others, can be confirmed using these Programs.
  • I would like to examine, before development, whether each resource will operate as expected. The Programs support several specifications, even for the operation of one resource.
  • If resources do not operate properly on my system, I would like software for which confirmation of operation has been completed. Cypress has confirmed the actual operation of the Programs on each of its microcontrollers, so you will be able to compare your program with the Program.

We introduce the sample programs of F2MC-16LX Family. Please use it for the confirmation of the operation specification and the use of our microcontroller etc.

MB90340 series.zip MB90350 series.zip MB90360 series.zip
MB90385 series.zip MB90420 series.zip MB90435 series.zip
MB90455 series.zip MB90495 series.zip MB90540 series.zip
MB90590 series.zip MB90595 series.zip MB90860 series.zip
MB90895 series.zip