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128Mb – 512Mb 3.0V HyperFlash (KL) Memory with HyperBus Interface | Cypress Semiconductor

128Mb – 512Mb 3.0V HyperFlash (KL) Memory with HyperBus Interface

Cypress HyperFlash Memory

Fast Read, Low Pin Count

Cypress HyperFlash™ NOR Memory Flash devices are the first family of products based on the new Cypress HyperBus™ interface. This family features read throughput of up to 333MB/s, more than five times faster than ordinary Quad SPI flash. The Cypress HyperBus technology also allows for connection using one-third the number of pins of parallel NOR flash.

  • The Cypress KL HyperFlash Memory family uses a 3V power-supply and comes in three densities: 128Mb, 256Mb and 512Mb.
  • HyperFlash memories are available in a space-saving 8x6mm ball grid array (BGA) package.
  • Cypress HyperFlash Memory devices provide a migration path from single Quad SPI to Dual Quad SPI to HyperFlash Memory.

These features enable a single design to be scaled to different levels of flash performance enabling rapid deployment of multiple product models.

Part Number Product Status Density Read Rate Packaging Datasheet
S26KL512S For New Designs 512Mb 200 MB/s 24-Ball BGA (6x8mm) Datasheet
S26KL256S For New Designs 256Mb 200 MB/s 24-Ball BGA (6x8mm) Datasheet
S26KL128S For New Designs 128Mb 200 MB/s 24-Ball BGA (6x8mm) Datasheet


Title File Size Issue Date
 Category: Software
Programming Guide for the Cypress HyperFlash Family 482KB 8/12/2015
Software Migration Guide for Macronix MX25UM OctaFlash Family to Cypress HyperFlash™ Family 478KB 3/24/2016
 Category: General
Hyperbus Specification 1.43MB 8/5/2015
Vendor OS Software KL Date Size
Cypress Linux Linux 65nm MTD Patch for Kernel 3.14 05/21/2015 13.89 KB
Cypress - Low Level Driver for NOR Flash 11/20/2015 3.99 MB