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Management | Cypress

Executive Management

T.J. Rodgers
President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Balow
EVP, Sales and Applications

Sabbas Daniel
EVP, Quality, Engineering, and Program Management

J. Augusto de Oliveira
EVP, Chief Technical Officer

Hassane El-Khoury
EVP, Programmable Systems Division and Software

Paul Keswick
EVP, Marketing, Information Technology and Legal

Badri Kothandaraman
EVP, Data Communications Division, Executive Director, Cypress India

Dana Nazarian
EVP, Memory Products Division

Minh Pham
EVP, Worldwide Operations

Joe Rauschmayer
EVP, Worldwide Manufacturing

Carmine Renzulli
EVP, Human Resources

Thad Trent
EVP, Finance and Administration, CFO

Andrew Wright
EVP, New Product Development

Ron Sartore
CEO, Agigatech (subsidiary)

Chris Seams
CEO, Deca Technologies (subsidiary)


Board of Directors

Ray Bingham
Chairman of the Board

T.J. Rodgers
President and Chief Executive Officer

W. Steve Albrecht

Eric A. Benhamou

John H. Kispert

O.C. Kwon

Wilbert Van Den Hoek

Michael S. Wishart