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Voh of 2.4V Minimum with a 3.3V Supply (CY2292F) | Cypress Semiconductor

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Voh of 2.4V Minimum with a 3.3V Supply (CY2292F)

Last Updated: June 30, 2011

Why does Cypress specify a Voh of 2.4 v min with a 3.3v supply when in fact the measurement shows a voltage exceeding 0.95 vcc (close to 3.3 v)? This device is to be used to drive a clock pin that requires the CMOS range not, the TTL 2.4 v range of level for the logic high.)


The device has been characterized for the TTL output levels stated in the datasheet. The part has not been characterized for CMOS levels. The output gate may be able to drive the specificed load at the measured frequency but Cypress cannot confirm this or guarantee overall performance unless there is characterization data to validate the application.!>

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