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Trouble Running the Out Of the Box Example for FTMF

Last Updated: December 29, 2011

I've been able to run all the Out of Box Design examples EXCEPT those involving the FTMF?


Make sure you're connecting the FTMF board to the HUB board and then into the USB to program. Also in PSoC programmer 3.0 and above, enable auto detection in the programmer interface. If you don't see that option click on "view" and then "modern". When you try the out-of-the-box demo using the FTMF board and the AAA-battery pack, make sure you move the jumper on the battery board to connect pins 1&2.


General note:

Apply above response if you try to reprogram the FTMF and get something similar to:

    • Program Finished at 2:45:51 PM

    • Programming Terminated

    • Check Device/Family Setting or Programming Mode

    • Acquired Device "Silicon: 0038, Family/Die: 15, Major Rev: A" does not match chosen Device

    • Matching Devices:
    • CY8C21434-24LFXI Program Requested at 2:45:49 PM
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